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Welcome to another week of XBMC & Kodi dev interviews, this week we have been talking to one of the most popular dev’s MetalKettle.

If you guy’s know about MetalKettle you’ll know the amount of work this guy does for the community, the awesome repo he has along with the abundance of add-ons that are in it has made MetalKettle one of the most talked about devs in the community, so we had to get him on Libertytv.

Please welcome Metalkettle


My real name is Jim. I live in the East Midlands.I’m married with 3 children. I have a small repository in which I share some add-ons, which can be found at http://kodi.metalkettle.co.

Current List of add-ons:

House Mixes

Pro Zone


PIA for OpenELEC

AAA Streams (hosted for a 3rd Party)

Droidsticks Wizard

Big Buck Bunny

Droidsticks Help Centre

Halow Live Streams (hosted for a 3rd party)

Haydar Games (hosted for a 3rd party)

Learning Zone

MK Sports

Movie Night

Online Movies Pro

Python Tutorials

Robin Hood Peoples List (hosted for a 3rd party)

Space Telescope

Sports Mania (not in repo)

Swefilmer (hosted for a 3rd party)









It was many, many years ago, so long ago I cant even remember lol.A friend at work was telling me about Xbox Media Player, which he was using to stream his movies downloaded on his PC to his Original Xbox.I got him to softmod my xbox and I started to build up a collection of ripped DVDs to watch via my Xbox.As time went by and the player changed into XBMC, plugins started appearing (slowly back then) which made it possible to stream content from the internet from then I was hooked.

After about 5 years of using add-ons written by other people I started looking into how they worked, which to be honest just looked like a big pile of gibberish at the time. So I started to try and learn Python and trying to pick up tit bits from the various KODI forums at the time to try and understand and write my first plug-in.

A One stop shop for satisfying the entertainment needs of everyone, without having to cost a penny.

Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI 2

Amazon Fire TV

Android M8

Xunity Eclipse

Custom built HTPC

Prometheus HTPC



Various Laptops/PCs around the house the family use.

Id have to say my favorite at the moment is my HTPC.

Mutts Nuts

Free Streams

PIA for OpenELEC



Always on the look out for something new.Currently trying to solve the MoviesHD / Erotik file host headache.Few bits and bobs, but nothing to get excited about.

As the development of KODI whether it be the base software from XBMC Foundation, OpenELEC, OSMC etc and even add-ons relies heavily on the users.Its these users which cause great things to happen within KODI, whether it be working on the core KODI software, writing an add-on, helping others out getting used to KODI, or even just providing feedback that have made KODI grow.I’m not surprised KODI has such a huge fan base.It’s an excellent piece of software.

I can only see it getting better and better.Hopefully all the issues around 3rd Party websites have not put the XBMC foundation off too much, but it is good that they changed the name to KODI so they can protect their brand.This can only mean good things as long as everyone treats KODI and XBMC Foundation with the respect they deserve.

Will I still be around??….. HELL YEAH, IM A TECH FREAK. 🙂

So there you have it guy’s, a look into the world of MetalKettle and all he does for the community.

We would like to thank MetalKettle for taking time out and spending it with us here at Libertytv. We wish you all the best in your Kodi future and hope you continue to deliver awesome add-ons that we can use. If your on Twitter make sure you give this guy a follow.

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