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Welcome to another exclusive insight into one of the big sport add-on players on the Kodi scene.

Today we put our questions to the very popular Sportsmania add-on.

If you haven’t already or need a re-cap of Sportsmania, you can find our full review on their service HERE.


SportsMania is a IPTV Streaming service that brings you most sporting events around the world.
We have a huge range of Sports Streams which include but isn’t limited to: Football (All Barclays Premier League Games Including 3pm Kick Offs, LA Liga, Serie A & More), Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, MMA, Wrestling, Boxing (Includes Pay Per Views at no extra charge) NFL, MLB and much more in HQ Quality, We have 24/7 Channels in Sky Sports 1-5, BT Sports 1 & 2 & Boxnation, We also have a huge Video on Demand section for customers who can’t watch our service live.

Well it started with myself and my curious ways lol, basically i was looking for a Football stream online and saw a site streaming the game i wanted to watch then my curious nature took over and i thought “Hey i could do this” so thats what i did i opened a free streaming site using free players etc and i went looking around other free sites to get ideas on how i could make my site better and i came across a few “Paid Sites” which didn’t even know existed, so i spoke to the owners and asked a few questions and they said what they did, what they offered etc and again i thought hey i can do that so again thats what i did, I started small streaming only a couple of things per day and 1 or two football games at the weekend and it basically built up from there, we kept expanding and expanding and it lead us to where we are today, i started out on my own but have had help from many people along the way to where we are now such as my number 2 (some people call him mini willow lol) but usernames on our site are “doneby31and15″ Toonarmy68” “TTG1983STAR”, There’s other people who have helped us as well and i think they deserve a big mention people like Metal Kettle who created our Kodi Addon, Vdubt who done a fantastic review on us, Steven Mills & Russel Fulford and there XBMC Help group, Tommy “TheYid” Zelkin, Jordan Lawrence, Adam Phillips, Gaz Conlon the list goes on and on so i have missed anyone out i apologise.

I’d say roughly about 2 1/2 years now give or take a months.

I’d have to say positive feedback and the demand (from myself) for perfection. I’m a perfectionist and i hate when things go wrong.
I’ve come to realise that not everything can be perfect but we strive to make Sports Mania as perfect as possible and bring our customers the best possible service we can and that philosophy has not changed since day 1 and will never change, i expect my staff to have the same philosophy as i do and if they don’t then there not Sports Mania material in my opinion.

I’d have to say right now the United States and United Kingdom are on a par with one another, but we customers worldwide.

I wouldn’t say better as I am the type of person not to worry or try to better other sites i simply concentrate on my product and what i can do better for MY customers if i started worrying about other sites i would be in a big trouble because then you spend more time on other peoples sites than your own and your product suffers as a consequenence but what makes us different is our desire to be the best we can be and for our customers, Everyone compliments Sports Mania not only on our streams but also our customer service as we have many different ways you can contact us whether it be the chat on the site, the support chat feature we have on the site, My facebook profile here: https://www.facebook.com/willow.smania where people can PM Me and i can work with them one on one to solve any problems they have or help whenever its needed, No question is too big or small, also our own facebook page here www.facebook.com/thesportsmania where me and my team are constantly monitoring it or our Twitter accounts @SportsMania005 and @Sports_Mania_EU where people can follow us and send us Direct Messages if they need help so as you can see there are loads of ways people can contact us if they need help with anything at all and we go above and beyond for our customers, I even have customers who i now consider online friends they come to me for a chat, if they have personal problems i listen and give advice so there’s so much more to myself and Sports Mania than simply a site that supplies streams, Yes thats what people pay us for but i believe also they come to us specifically because of what we can offer, I’ve even gone as far as helping people with there problems with other sites and addon’s like for example they had buffering on there current addon so i helped them sort there internet connection out and it turned out fine for them, Should i be doing stuff like that? Not really, why do i do that? because its the type of person that i am and i like to put the community first and thats what we are all about and if in future that customer thinks maybe i’ll get another backup just incase then they know myself and my team will provide the best customer service we can to help them feel at ease and most importantly enjoy using Sports Mania then great, If not then thats also fine too.
We also take pride in our Video On Demand section which has all replays of most of the big streaming events we stream for our customers, they can also go back and watch there favourite football team as we add it to our Video On Demand almost immediately once the game ends, Pay Per Views, Events etc we cover all that on our Video on Demand as well and customers seem to really enjoy that feature of ours.

don’t really get into that sort of stuff as i said above i concentrate on my own product and what i can do for my customers i let other sites do there own thing, I get on with most owners i meet, i treat all the owners i meet with the respect i think they deserve as i know how hard it is to run a site like this, However it does happen in the community and it’s up to the owner of the site to protect themselves, we have taken all the steps possible to protect ourselves and our members and work with our security team to continue to be protected.

I think people respect that Sports Mania goes above and beyond for the customers we have, there’s no question too big or to small as i have explained above and we like our customers to first and foremost enjoy Sports Mania and also enjoy the fact that if they ever do need help then we are only a message away, If they want something then they know we will do whatever we can to accommodate them, If they need help they know we will do whatever we can to help them and our philosophy has always been the same whether it be a small little website / Kodi Addon that only a few people use or it be a huge website / Kodi addon that thousands use, the philosophy stays the same and that’s to make sure our customers enjoy Sports Mania, they want to come back and that philosophy will never change.

I still see us being here and hopefully with the same hard work that we continue to do i see Sports Mania growing each month that passes, we have a lot more ideas in the works and will strive to continue to provide our customers with the best service possible.
As stated above I started out on my own and I’m the type of person that if I’m going to do something then I put 150% in to it, I’ve spent time away from my family, my daughter etc stayed up till the early hours to make sure the streams didn’t go down and only earned like $5.00 a night in the hope that i could build Sports Mania up to where it is today so i know if i keep the same mentality that i have from the start which i fully intend on doing then i know Sports Mania will be around for a really long time.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the team behind Sportsmania for taking time out of their busy schedule and giving us all a insight into what they and why they do it.


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