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Today we are excited to bring you another exclusive interview with a very new up and coming Kodi add-on called Robin Hood.

You may of already heard of them and we don’t blame you, since there up-rise from a couple of months ago, this team has something pretty special to share with everyone along with there awesome attitude towards the community.

You can read our full review on Robin Hood here.


RH Project is an add-on where anyone with a working list is able to showcase their work and learn and be part of this community.

We saw a YouTube video on IPTV and had a go of making a list. Then I made a Facebook group to get people of the same interest together the rest just happened lol.

The add-on is kind of new it’s been running around two months. It started out just m3u Based but within a month it was xml based.

Our motivation is our keen interest to learn more about IPTV and the KODI community itself. We have a trust going on with all the list makers to keep their lists up to date. But we will pull any that are just not working.

We are based in the UK and the USA but we welcome all countries to our add-on.

There are a lot of fantastic add-ons out there. We do not aim to be better than any of them just being in the community is good for us.

Yes there will always be stories out there. But we are not here to write kids books we are here to help and to improve our knowledge and share it and to improve everybody’s viewing experience.

Our reputation is a good one. But that’s thanks to the community. We do nothing special to earn it. But we are grateful for the support we get.

The Future for the Shadow Crew is a long one. We have a new update for the add-on coming very soon and a repo thanks to the help of Hakamal and xunity is also helping us along the way. As we learn we will bring bigger and better things to the community. We are also in the process of building our own forum so we can share knowledge and information with the kodi community.



We would like to say a massive thank you to the Robin Hood team for taking time out and answering some questions for the community.

As you can see these guy’s are pretty awesome and know exactly what they want to achieve in the community. Exciting times ahead we think for this Kodi add-on.



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