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Enable Steam In-Home streaming on your Kodi Box

Do you have a gaming PC or thinking about getting one? Want to play those games on your big screen at the same settings as your PC without investing into an entirely new PC and leverage your Kodi device? Read on!

What is Steam?

Steam is the world’s largest and most well know platform for purchasing and playing PC games. It has a massive library of titles at good prices and includes extra feature like friends list, store curators and of course In-Home Streaming. We’re going to use that exact feature to push the games you play on your PC to your TV using your Kodi appliance.


What do you need

We’ll need four things to pull this off:

  1. A home PC with the Steam client installed. This is the machine that will be running the games and is ultimately what decides which games we can run and at what quality settings.
  2. A Steam account with at least some games on it. Steam does have some good free games on it and you can also add non steam games to the client. Be aware however that support for games not natively running in Steam is not assured and may not run or will run but have issues, frequently display related. You can get the client and an account at Steam Powered
  3. A relatively fast home network. Hardwired is preferred but wifi will work too.
  4. A kodi device capable of running the Steam client. That means the OS running on the machine needs to be either Linux, OSX or Windows. Unfortunately there is no support for Android at this time. Your appliance also needs to be powerful to encode h.264 video. Any DreamState device will be sufficient (Prometheus, Valkyrie or Ragnarok).  KodiNow will be bringing a full Steam Machine in the next month or so called Elements which will have the Steam Client Installed.

You’ll likely also want a wireless keyboard and mouse and/or an Xbox controller.

Setting up

  1. Install Steam on both the client and host machines and log in with the same account on  both. You’ll want both machines running on the same network.
  2. Once logged into your Steam account navigate to Settings > In-Home Streaming  and tick the box marked  Enable Streaming. At the bottom of this same screen you’ll see a section marked Client Options with three options: Fast, Balanced and Beautiful. I suggest leaving it on balanced and adjusting it depending on the performance you experience.

Enable streamingproper

If you’re running an i5 or higher navigate to Advanced Client Options and select Enable Hardware Encoding.

hardware encodingProper

Now when you launch  Steam on your Kodi device you’ll have access your entire installed Steam library and can run them at the same settings as your gaming PC, regardless of what Kodi Box you have! Your PC does all the work and streams the results. If you have multiple Kodi boxes in your home you can stream the content to either one, all without moving any equipment around your home.

Happy Gaming!



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