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In recent months there has been nothing that has been more of an up and down rollercoaster than that of live tv and KODI. Add-ons have been coming and going like no other. It seems that there is literally a new one coming in and dropping out with in a day or two.


Most of us will be familiar with the great IPTV add-on called Daffy IPTV, which used to be one of the top go to IPTV add-ons on KODI, well maintained, updated and always reliable. It was just last week that the developer behind the add-on announced that he would no longer be making the add-on public and was planning on hosting the add-on for private use only.


Quoting directly from the man himself…

“Thanks for All Your Support. NJay Daffylist. Due to Flood of traffic, i have took my list private. List is not offline, has been moved and is used privately for my friends and family as it was intended for. Want to know anymore? You know where to find me.”

It was a sad time, well a sad few days as it was less than 48 hour later that this idea of making the IPTV add-on private was reversed! Yes, that’s right guys Daffy has been resurrected from the grave and is no longer considering a private add-on and will remain free for public use.

Daffy’s second statement…

“Thanks for all your support. Njoy Daffyslist. Links working to date. Can all stop crying now Daffyslist is
back. Smarttv iptv, add url below to your pvr client or smart tv”


Now although this past few months have proved that live tv simply is not KODI’s strong point, it is nice to see some of the big boys such as Daffy’s IPTV add-on sticking around. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to see new add-on emerging but equally disappointing when they disappear after a few days.


Big thanks to Daffy for sticking around and giving the community something that it so drastically needs.

– See more at: http://kodinow.com/portal/blogs/DAFFY-IPTV-BACK-FROM-THE-GRAVE#sthash.lFQmtAhO.dpuf


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