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Comcast's New Data Fee Could Cost You Big

Comcast has recently announced they will be piloting a new 300GB data cap in certain markets – The ones they have minimal to no competition in. The new plan will ding users that go over their 300 GB limit with a $10 charge per 50 GBs over the allotted 300GB. They will also offers users an unlimited plan, however it will cost and additional $35 for month on top of the standard plan. Or, in other words, $420 a year in additional fees.

300GB doesn’t go very far when streaming a large amount of video and music. Currently this is Comcast’s way of fragrantly abusing their near monopoly in certain markets. While this is currently limited to areas where Comcast is highly dominant or the only real choice, it ‘s possible other providers may take note and make this a more common practice.

If you live in the affected marketsĀ you may want to take measures to begin lowering your data consumption. If you find yourself constantly running shows like the Simpsons, Family guy etc. as background noise it may be more economical to torrent/download the seasons the and store them locally. This would make it a one time data use and not have to expend additional data every time you run the loop. Remember though that torrenting runs you the risk of incurring penalties from your ISP. If you’re going to go the torrent route it’s important that you protect yourself with some form of VPN like IPVanish. We took a look at IPVanish earlier this month and why you might want to consider protecting yourself with their product.

The most important thing you can do however, is try and fight back. Get in touch withour local representatives and let them know that issues like data caps and Net Neutrality are important to you.




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