CCloud looking for assistance from the Kodi Community

cCloud, a community driven and maintained IPTV service with over a thousand channels has put out a call to arms for help from the Kodi Community. Specifically, they’re looking for people to donate their time to create and hang over gmail accounts:

Dear cClouders,

We are in need of gmail accounts!

Why gmail accounts you might ask?
cCloud platform is built based on Google Cloud platform where gmail accounts acts as peers or bots where the bots helps the cCloud run smooth. So please give us just five minutes of your time. Create a live gmail account for our service bots to work more efficient and add functionality to our cloud based servers. The more gmail accounts we can garner, the smoother our free streams will work. Add your donated gmail account with a common password to our project which is communityisawesome

Google has limit on how many accounts can be created per ip which are 3 gmail accounts only.

So you can make 3 gmail accounts today and other day after. To make this process easy we have created an web form, Where you can donate the email accounts by simply sharing the name of gmail account you have made anonymously.

You will be required to enter the email address only. No other information is needed since the password will be same. Please do not share your personal email accounts. We only need new email accounts only.

To create gmail account without verification, Please go to following link for instructions thanks :)

Following is link for donating gmail accounts


Thanks for helping :)


If you use and appreciate the service toss them a few email accounts to help the service run smoothly.


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