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One of the biggest changes we made in our Enigma 2.0 update this year has been the sub-menus for add-ons, builds, and apps. We know that when you’re looking to stream content, you want diversity in how you do it. Not all builds are created equal, and when it comes to styles, user experience, and volume content, it tends to be “different strokes for different folks”, if you’d pardon the cheesy trope. Builds give you great access to some of the best app designers for content on the planet, and we’ve loaded up Enigma with some of the most popular and reliable ones around. That being said, if you’re not familiar with how they work, there could be a learning curve. So, we’re here to help.

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How to find a build that’s right for you, and how you like to watching

As we said, not all builds are created equal, which means that each one will have its pros and cons, and those pros and cons will change depending on the user. What’s the best way to find the best build, then? Download them and test them out! As of this publishing, we have 7 unique builds that you can load on your Enigma TV Entertainment System, each with their own style, quirks, and content accessibility. These are Stream on Fire, Pulse CCM, Eminence from Diggz, Diggz Kids: Christmas Build, Black Beard, and our NFL and NHL builds. To get started, simply click on the “Builds and Themes” tab in the enigma launch screen, then click on the desired build you’d like to use. Downloading takes a few minutes (be patient, there’s a lot of stuff on there!) and you will be prompted to auto-launch as soon as it’s complete.

Accessing your builds once downloaded, and how to switch out if you want

The important thing to remember about these builds is that you can only run one at a time, and once installed, they launch when you launch your Enigma TV Media Player. This means that if you’re running Black Beard, it will launch when you go to your media player button. If you want to switch builds, you must re-download a new build to replace the old one, and yes, you need to do this every single time. The launcher will only launch whatever current build you have setup, so don’t feel like you’ve made any permanent changes when the system doesn’t load the last build you had on it. If you like what you used to have, simply download it again. It’s that easy. Remember that you can’t run multiple builds through the launcher simultaneously, so make sure to choose one that covers most of what you want to do at once, as far as media coverage.

Let us know what builds you like the most, and how they’re working out for you on your Enigma TV. Also, if you can think of any builds that are awesome, but not yet on our list, give them a shoutout here. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions!


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