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The Beast Arcade edition Hulks onto the scene.

A new fork of the Beast Edition has appeared – Built specifically for the Nvidia Shield but should be functional for all Android based Kodi devices that have the power to run it. It’s The Beast – Arcade edition! It’s currently in early release and they are looking for more testers. It has been commented on that the Amazon Fire Stick likely lacks the juice to run this build, mainly due to lack of memory.


The Build leverages the MAME emulator that is currently available on the Android Play store and integrates it into the Beast Build. The build contains no actual games, just the capability to launch from Kodi. You’ll need to download the roms and load them yourself. The process for loading ROMs may be a little more fidgety than some people may like. You’ll need to download and install teamviewer  on your PC/Mac/Linux and follow the below instructions. The instructions can also be found on the preview video.

Instructions for loading ROMs

Step 1: Install Teamviewer from the Android store in your Nvidia Shield Tv.
Step 2: Install MAME4droid from the Android store in your Nvidia Shield Tv.
Step 3: Open TeamViewer in your Nvidia Shield Tv and in your PC/Mac and connect to your Nvidia Shield Tv.
Step 4: On the PC/Mac using Teamviewer click on File Transfer and select the ROMS you want to transfer and in your Nvidia Shield Tv select the roms folder in /storage/emulated/0/MAME4droid/roms/

That’s it for the ROMS part.

Step 1: Launch The Beast and click on Arcade.
Step 2: Setup your controller buttons.
Step 3: Play your installed games.


If the above is more than your willing to do or you’re just looking for a curated solution then you’ll be happy to know that Stuart Law, also from the Beast Group, is working on a build called Retromania V2 that will come loaded with a large selection of games already. We’ll be doing a post covering Retromania V2 upon release. You can follow the progress of both builds at The Beast Facebook Group. Don’t forget to check out the webpage either, which includes a video of some of the games being run.


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