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Right guys, here it is…


The Avengers skin for KODI is now available to install on your device. Being a massive Avengers fan myself having been asked to do an install review and article on this today was a no brainer. The skin is designed by @xEdiTZ and I must say, he has done an awesome job. The graphics on this skin are brilliant and really make your KODI screen pop with not only bright colours but excitement to find a movie and enjoy your KODI experience.



As of today KODI super developer MUCKY DUCK has taken the skin on board and has quite kindly uploaded it to his repo for us all to enjoy. So in order to download and install this skin you will need to have installed the Mucky Duck repository or if you’re wanting to do a manual install then you can get the file for the skin here.


This really goes to show what the KODI community is all about, a dedicated KODI user who has gone above and beyond to share his work with the community and showcase his skills as a KODI theme maker. Massive props to @xEdiTZ for putting in the time and effort, and trust me guys when I say time and effort this skin has not simply been thrown together a lot of work has gone into this, and it shows. Also big props to @KODImediaportal (Mucky Duck) for taking the skin under his wing and hosting the skin for us all to enjoy.



Here’s how to install the Avengers skin for KODI via Mucky Duck repository.


Step 1 – Scroll to SYSTEM



Step 2 – Scroll down to ADD-ONS



Step 3 – Scroll down to GET ADD-ONS



Step 4 – Locate the MUCKY DUCK repository and click enter



Step 5 – Scroll down to SKINS



Step 6 – Locate the AVENGERS SKIN and click enter to begin the download.



Step 7 – Let it download



Step 8 – Once downloaded it will ask if you want to change to this skin now, click YES.



– See more at: http://kodinow.com/portal/blogs/AWESOME-AVENGERS-SKIN-FOR-KODI#sthash.xRdAUIle.dpuf


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