A Look Inside The App TV Skin for Kodi

Here’s a quick look inside this clean, simple straight to the point skin for KODI. It’s based on the immensely popular Apple TV which for some was the be all and end all of media streaming just a year or so ago. That is of course if you were willing to pay through the roof for an Apple TV 2nd generation, the older version of the Apple TV 3 which you could not get KODI installed on.


Well good news for those Apple fans here in the community here’s a skin based on the Apple TV platform. Lets take a look inside.





Step 1 – Scroll to SYSTEM



Step 2 – Scroll down to ADD-ONS



Step 3 – Scroll down to GET ADD-ONS



Step 4 – Locate the KODI REPOSITORY and click enter.



Step 5 – Scroll down to SKINS



Step 6 – Locate the APPTV skin and press enter



Step 7 – Click INSTALL



Step 8 – Wait for the download to complete


Step 9 – When prompted if you want to apply this skin now, click yes!




– See more at: http://kodinow.com/portal/blogs/A-LOOK-INSIDE-THE-APPTV-SKIN-FOR-KODI#sthash.zSVFoPi7.dpuf


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