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Using a VPN to access the Sports Access servers will get you banned off their servers. Confirmation from Sports Access stated that user accounts will be terminated should a user access Sports Access via 5 different IP addresses in a 24 hour period. There is apparently a fee to unlock the accounts should you get banned. Please note…This is nothing to do with us here on Prometheus side, this is part of the terms & conditions of Sports Access which must be followed. Any banned accounts should be raised with them directly by visiting their site and contacting them directly

If you are not familiar with what or how a VPN works, either do your research or do not play around with them as you will end up digging yourself into a hole.

Every time you connect to a VPN network you will be assigned a different IP address. There is zero benefit to using a VPN on Sports Access as they do not have any geographical restrictions. So if you are using a VPN for add-ons such as NBC Sports Live Extra (if outside the US) or BBC iPlayer/ITV Player (if outside the UK) then make sure you disconnect the VPN before connecting to any other add-on. Chances are most subscription based add-ons will have an IP limit of sort so please be aware.

We don’t want to see your account get removed guys, so please be careful what you’re doing when accessing add-ons via a VPN.


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