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Adding YouTube channels as TV shows to your Kodi install

User nuentes on the Kodi.TV forums has come up with a  way to add YouTube channels to Kodi as TV shows within Kodi. Be warned that at this time this is actually not an Addd-on but rather a Python script installed on the same appliance as your Kodi install. It is very much not plug and play and will require a substantial and for some users complicated install process. So far this script has only been tested on Linux. We’ll be testing it on Windows later in the week. Consider yourself warned!

To start you’ll need to download the Python script.

How to use it:
1) Place the python script anywhere on your server or PC (it is NOT a Kodi add-on… yet)
2) add a list.txt file to the same path
3) add Youtube UserID’s and/or channel ID’s into the text file (new line for each channel)
4) Edit the user config section of the script to input.

  • Google API Key
  • refresh interval
  • Destination for the files

5) run the script
6) While that’s running, add the Destination Directory as a source to Kodi, and set it to scan as a TV show using local data

Known Issues:
1) The developer doesn’t know python
2) Currently I’ve only tested in linux, and I have no idea if it will work in Windows
3) episode numbering is strange
I can’t find any information online about how to complete the episode field of the nfo file
4) episodes not automatically marked as watched after completion.
I thought this would be resolved by adding the runtime field to the episode nfo file, but I was wrong
5) no duration for short videos
at least on my skin, if the duration is under 1 minute, the duration appears as blank
6) requires your own Google API Key
7) Initial config isn’t exactly a breeze

If you used and liked the script then head on over to the forum and give the fellow some encouragement!


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