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A look at the Kodiflix build

Kodiflix is a new build that has been developed by Schism team, who also built the appropriately named Schism TV build. The new Kodiflix build heavily mimics the familiar Netflix interface. Content is arranged into sections such as Top rated, HD Releases, Cartoons etc.



The slick interface of the world’s most ubiquitous streaming service is emulated almost perfectly in this build. Users of the service, regardless of any experience with Kodi,  can pick up the remote and use it almost instantly. It’s not just the look that’s been emulated. Kodiflix launches almost every show or movie with a minimal amount of clicks. Rarely is the user ever tasked to pick an add-on or source. The result is that everything feels responsive and less clunky and more in line with what the average Netflix user is familiar with.


The build works well especially well on touch devices like tablets or phones, not very surprising given it’s origins. Everything responds smoothly to touch and the large, scrolling tiles make selecting everything with your fingers simple. However that said the interface works wonderfully on any device. The user still has the option to access specific add-ons and setting, they are merely tucked away in the pull out menu, including a few content search options. The overall the build is light, efficient and easy to use. It’s easily the go to build for those completely new to Kodi and still fantastic for Kodi veterans

. If you’re interested in installing the build you’ll need to join the Schism TV Facebook group as the build is currently pin locked.


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