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    • Multiple Kodi builds on Windows
      Hello. You can have as many Kodi builds on a Windows pc as you want? This is great if you have builds you keep updated, or have more than one build that you like. Here's how to do it:

      Go to a spot on your pc where you want to keep all your builds and create a new folder. You can call it whatever you want. Open that folder and create another new folder and name it App. Go to

      C:>Program Files (x86) and locate your Kodi folder. Copy that entire folder and paste it into the new folder called App. Now download the Kodi.bat file I attached and put it in the new folder you named whatever you wanted. It will be next to the App folder. When you double click the bat file, Kodi will open.  When you run Kodi , inside the App file, it will create another file called portable_data. If you want to clean that installation, just delete the portable_data file and Kodi will open up clean again. You can copy and paste the App folder to create as many builds as you like. 

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    • Fresh Kodi  on Windows without uninstalling
      Hello everyone. I have a great tip I wanted to share that has helped a lot of people. Having been the admin on a very large FB group I read over and over how people would want a fresh install of Kodi  on their Windows pc and would uninstall and reinstall repeatedly. This is so unnecessary. All you have to do is go to C:>Users>Your pc's name>AppData>Roaming>and delete the entire Kodi folder. When you open Kodi, it will be a clean installation. 

      Make sure you go to appdata>roaming and not the C:>Program Files 
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    • Top Media TV
      TOP MEDIA IPTV is a Premium service and a premium app.  With one of the best user interfaces and lightening fast buffer free performance for both Live and On-demand content.  Get a 24 Hour FREE TRIAL.  For Android devices, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Firesticks.
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    • How To Install Top Media TV on Amazon Fire TV/Stick
      This video tutorial will help you install Top Media TV on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick using the Downloader app.

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