4k Build Guide – How to Install the 4k Build - Kodi Fan
If you like bigger builds, you'll love the 4k build. If you don't mind animated backgrounds, you can use our guide to help you get it.

4k Build Guide – How to Install the 4k Build - Kodi Fan

The 4k build is quite large at about 325mb. You shouldn’t let that stop you. This one is quite large so you would not want to use it on lower devices. It is one you want to get, as long as you don’t mind the animated background. Use our guide to help you download and install it today.

Kodi - Install 4k build1 Kodi - Install 4k build2

Reminder: Use a VPN with Kodi to remain anonymous and access all Kodi add-ons. We recommend IPVanish, a zero-log VPN that delivers the fastest speeds of all providers we’ve tested. Get 60% off now exclusively through Kodi Fan.

Because Kodi is open source, there are many developers that create add-ons for the platform. They are divided into two major groups. The ones located in the Official Kodi Addon Repository are official add-ons. All others are unofficial. This add-on is in the second group. You are not allowed to talk about the group 2 add-ons on the official forums or websites. If you need help, you’ll want to contact the Smash Team.

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